Love smoked food. Why not spend a day learning how to smoke delicious smoked food at home?  We offer a 1-day introduction course which covers the basics of food smoking including, how to prepare, the food; curing and brining; and hot and cold smoking techniques you can use at home.

Courses are run in very small groups, with no more than 6 people.  Most courses run will run April to October (warmer weather) as some elements of the course will be outdoors.

This is a hands-on experience with the added advantage you get to eat what you produce!! There will be a goodie bag on completion to help you on your way to a great new hobby.

Free with every course is a copy of what is in my mind, the best book out there for someone wanting to get into food smoking ‘Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo (Jo Hampson)’

The cost for the one-day course is £150. This includes all refreshments and food during the day and items taken away at the end of the course.