• Quacklings

    Quacklings are crispy little gems of duck crackling. Not so hard as pork scratching but still crispy, lightly seasoned, and just a hint of peking duck flavour these are delicious and very moreish. They taste even better with a nice glass of wine or cold beer Quacklings started life as a little treat just for me, a way of using left over duck skin but very soon I knew we would have to share them with everyone. Since taking our first batch to a farmer’s market where we sold out in about an hour these little beauties have become one of our most popular products.
  • Confit Duck Shepards Pie

    Our take on a traditional classic Shepard's Pie only using our confit duck in a rich base topped with a rich creamy slightly smokey mashed potato and smoked cheddar.  Supplied in oven ready aluminium tray so simply just pop in the oven a delicious meal in just 25 minutes. Great served with salad for lunch or a summer dinner, or served with a selection of roasted root vegetables make a warming winters dinner. Available in either single or two portion sizes. None of our products are frozen so you can freeze at home. Please note the dish shown is for display purposed only.
  • Smoked Duck Breast

    We take the finest quality free range duck which we cure using traditional curing methods with no artificial flavourings, additives, or preservatives. It is then gently cold smoked to ensure the smoky flavour penetrates deep inside the duck breast. Before gently cooking at a low temperature in our smoke kilns. Before slicing by hand The result is a delicious soft, moist duck still pink with a subtle smokiness which perfectly complements the duck but never overpowers it. Great sliced in a salad or maybe as part of a mixed charcuterie board with other meats and perhaps some smoked cheeses. Whole breasts can be reheated and sliced / eaten in many ways perhaps served whole with a cherry sauce or sliced in a pasta dish. We do not freeze our products so it’s perfect to freeze at home.

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