Our suppliers are vital to the quality of our products…

We take great pride in the quality of ingredients we use. Knowing the provenance of the products we use is essential, that’s why we only use ethically sourced, sustainable products, focusing on local and British producers wherever possible. This allows us to produce the finest smoked products for you to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that any animals have, been raised in, the most humane conditions, and free from chemicals.  Animal welfare is at the forefront so you can be confident that when, for example, we say free range we mean truly free range, and is not a cynical marketing ploy used, by some large organisations for a slightly larger cage.

We are proud to be associated with the suppliers we use and like to ensure we have a close relationship, visiting the farms, etc. Meeting the people, helps us to understand the process from farm, loch or grower to your plate.

Below are some of the key suppliers we use so you can see for yourself:

Loch Duart Salmon

At Loch Duart, we believe this is something to be embraced. Our Loch Duart salmon vary in size, flavour and texture throughout the year. We respect natural cycles and prefer to let our fish grow naturally, at their own pace.

Modern life seeks conformity of size but farming in harmony with nature doesn’t allow that and so we don’t either! Fish buyers don’t expect consistent sizing of wild cod nor wild salmon and better farming systems produce diverse and varied sizing but extraordinary quality.

Extraordinary surroundings

Our salmon are reared in extraordinary surroundings, areas of incredible natural beauty and seclusion. We have been farming salmon in Sutherland (North West Scotland Mainland) since 1999 and the Hebrides (Islands off the coast of North West Scotland) since 2006. The Sutherland sites locations fall within the Northwest Geopark (one of 23 partners in the European Geopark Network – endorsed by UNESCO) containing beautiful untouched scenery, strong communities and geology of global significance.

“Loch Duart and the communities in the area understand the duty that is placed upon them to protect this area and maintain it to the high standard that it is in now. We understand the commitment involved in living and working in one of the last virtually untouched areas of the world. It is of great satisfaction to our company that the area that we farm falls into the area now known as the North West Geopark. ” Simon Maguire, (Interim) Managing Director, Loch Duart.